Dental TechnologyWe have invested in the latest dental technology, and keep up with the latest equipment, techniques, and materials to ensure that your office visits are as comfortable and efficient as can be.

  • Intraoral cameras to see your teeth on TV to better understand what is happening in your mouth
  • Digital x-rays to reduce radiation exposure and allow us to use computer tools to help diagnose potential problems early
  • Cosmetic imaging to see what you might look like with a new smile
  • Computers in every treatment area to speed documentation and keep all your records organized and up to date (we are “paperless”)
  • Patient education computer programs that can be watched in the dental chair on the TV
  • Air abrasion to gently remove decay from small cavities
  • X-Rite Shade Vision System, a computerized colorimeter from the same manufacturer as paint-chip matching machines, designed for matching the shade of teeth
  • Staff wear “loops” to magnify teeth to aid in diagnosis and treatment


At Sherwood Dental Care, sterilization is a top priority. We take cleanliness seriously and want to make sure you leave healthier than when you came. We make sure our office meets or exceeds Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and the Center for Disease Control (CDC) guidelines.

  • Before the construction of our office began, we carefully planned around a state-of-the-art sterilization center to ensure that exceptional cleanliness and sterilization is an everyday reality.
  • Everything that goes into your mouth goes through one of two basic processes with no exceptions. Disposable instruments (suction straws, tray covers, etc.) are thrown away. Everything else goes through an elaborate process to ensure sterilization.
  • In dental treatment rooms, the plastics (chair covers, light switch covers, etc.) are thrown away. The tabletop, x-ray head, delivery unit, and any surfaces that were touched are sprayed or wiped with ADA-approved disinfectants.
  • The water to our dental chairs is purified by distillation. The chairs run off these bottles of distilled water. To ensure the dental chair water is pure, the water lines in the chair are disinfected with an ADA-approved disinfectant once a week, then flushed with hot water. The water lines are purged dry every night.
  • We use gloves, gowns, masks, eye protection, and barrier covers for each procedure.
  • We invite anyone who is interested in taking a tour of our sterilization center to let us know the next time you are in.