Feel At Ease

“Very friendly and professional environment. I’m extremely pleased and happy with your service. Stacey makes you feel at ease including the dentist. Thank you all for making me not dread going to the dentist, it is not one of my favorite things to do.”

“Your office is great and you always go the extra mile with customer service. Thank you. Jeff and I sincerely appreciate you all and feel that you have our best health at the center of your care plan for us.”

Sandra B.

No Concerns

“I do not have any concerns. I am extremely happy to have Sherwood Dental as my dentist office.”

Sara V.

Fantastic Job

“You guys always do a fantastic job and by far exceed my expectations! Great Job!!!”

Robert W.

Far Exceed My Expectations

“Without question-this office and all the people in it far exceed my expectations of friendly professional service.”

Jeremy M.

No Concerns at All

“No concerns at all! Best dental experience I’ve had since I was a child. Facility is great and the people are exceptional. I’m glad I was referred here and will be singing the office’s praises to anyone who will listen.”

Ria T.

Quick Recovery

“I had dental implants done (surgically placed) by Dr. Bradely McAllister in August of 2005.

Dr. Adam Francois installed the crowns (implant) in January 2006. My recovery from the implants was quick, with almost no pain. I am extremely pleased with the implants. My only regret is that I did not have it done sooner. I would certainly recommend implants for anyone who is considering any other means of teeth replacement.”

Wanda B.

Now I Love To Smile

“Dr. Francois put veneers on my front teeth. Before I had always been self-conscious about my smile. Now, I love to smile. Thank you Dr. Francois and staff.”

Cindy F.

Confident in My Smile

“I feel very confident in my smile since I have had cosmetic work done. My veneers look and feel very natural. Thanks so much Dr. F”

Stephanie P.

Kind & Caring Manner

“Dr. Francois, I just wanted to thank you for your kind and caring manner during a rather stressful experience with my crowns. Your entire staff mirrors your manner and professionalism, which I so appreciated these last couple months.

Thanks to all of you for everything! I do love my wonderful new teeth and you will certainly get my referrals.”

Sharon V.

Took The Time To Explain

“My hygienist Heather is always upbeat and really strives to get to know me personally. She is very focused on the cleaning and does an excellent job. I had some concerns yesterday and she took the time to explain what she saw and show me the tooth. She is great about educating and telling me how to best care for my teeth and gums. Thank you!”

Alisa P.

Excellence in Service

“Your entire staff is absolutely the best. I drive a fair distance to come to your office, but it is so worth it. Many thanks to all of you for you excellence in service.”

Sharon T.

Impressed with the Kindness

“I am very impressed with the kindness and professionalism of all at the dental clinic. I am so happy my friend recommended you!! Thank you for your excellent care.”

Nancy G.

Friendly Staff

“Heather is a real pro and asset to your firm. She has the gentlest gum probe technique I have experienced.”

Alyse V.

Very Gentle

“Heather is a real pro and asset to your firm. She has the gentlest gum probe technique I have experienced.”

J. Scanlon

Recommend To My Family

“I’ve been coming to Sherwood Dental for several years now and plan to continue coming for many years to come. Heather is the best. I recommend Sherwood Dental to all my friends & family in the area.”

G. Vaught

Love My Dental Visits

“I actually like coming in for my dental appointments! I feel more that I’m visiting with friends instead of the old urban myth of “pain caused by seeing the dentist”. I've referred family to you before and will continue to do so.”

Kevin S.

Never Been Happier with a Dentist

“I've been a patient of Sherwood Dental since soon after they opened (over 10 years, I think). An excellent practice in every way! I've never been happier with a Dentist…you guys rock!”

Neil D.

Superior Experience

“I always have a super experience, from my first appointment when I addressed my fears about dentists, I have been treated in a very caring and friendly manner. I always feel safe when in your offices. Also, Peggy is FABULOUS!!!”

Victoria J.

Gentlest Dental Team

“Adam and his staff are A team health care. Heather has the gentlest way with assessing my gums and cleaning my teeth. Thanks”

Jim S.

Enjoy My Dental Visits

“I have always enjoyed going to this dentist and his staff has always been great. Thank you!”

Bill C.

Awesome Visit

“My only concern is your rating scale doesn’t go high enough! Just when I think you can’t get any better… You folks top it with another awesome visit! I could only hope that other dentists and health care providers will come visit you to see how a real office is run!!! Many thanks! ”

Kevin S.

Treated for Years

“Have been treated by Peggy for years. She is great! I wouldn't consider going to anyone else.”

Jim E.

Relaxed and Comfortable

“I have never liked going to the dentist. Dr. Francois is so good at making me feel relaxed and comfortable. I love how all the staff is so darn friendly! I use to dread the person who was going to scrape my teeth. I now feel like I actually know her a little bit and she is not so scary! I actually like going to the dentist now!”

Suzanne G.

Look Forward To My Dental Appointments

“Been a patient for over 10 years. Never had a problem. I actually look forward to my dental appointments.”

Chris W.

Excellent Care

“Received excellent care from Debbie. She was so kind and clearly explained everything she was doing, which I really appreciate. Great visit.”

Monica B.

Customer Service

“Customer service is my #1 concern; however, I have no concerns when I come to your wonderful establishment!”

Daniel M.

Treated Professionally

“I have always had great experiences at Sherwood Dental Care. No matter what work I have done, I am always treated professionally and I always enjoy catching up with the gals! I really enjoy the staff you have working there”!

Shelly R.

Quality Dental Care

“Keep doing what you do! I’m ready to write letters to all the dental and business colleges and insist that they send students to your office to gain ‘real world’ experiences in dental care and customer service.”

Kevin S.

High Quality Dental Office

“You are all awesome! I could not ask for a higher quality dental office. Thanks so much, especially to Dr. Francois who is an amazing dentist!”

Shirley D.

Highly Recommended

“I do recommend you at every opportunity.”

Howard M.

Call from the Doctor

“Excellent service and everyone was very nice. Even got a call from the Dr. asking how I was doing.”

Randell D.

Timely Appointments

“Was quickly escorted back for my appointment. Very friendly staff and dental provider.”

Michelle B.

Friendly Smiles

“It is always nice to see you all and your friendly smiles. Enjoy your summer!”

Richard O.

Wonderful Treatment

“Wonderful treatment by dentist, hygienist, and staff.”

Barbara G.

5 Stars

“Definitely 5 stars.”

Francis S.

Appreciate the Whole Experience

“Great job and great team! Thank you very much…I appreciate the whole experience – from making the appointment to leaving with my ‘goodie bag’.”

Karen H.

Customer Service

“Excellent customer service.”

Gregory C.

High Standards

“Your waiting room is the best I’ve seen. Of course the staff is excellent. Keep up the high standards.”

Kristi H.

In and Out Before I Know It

“I’ve always had a pleasant experience at Sherwood Dental. I usually schedule one of the first appointments in the morning. I’m in and out before I even know it. I appreciate the fact that for years the same hygienist has provided my care.”

Phillip N.

Friendly & Helpful

“Everyone in your office is always very friendly and helpful. I have enjoyed coming to your practice for many years.”

Debra W.


The overall sense of teamwork and camaraderie at Sherwood Dental truly enhances every aspect of every visit. Thanks again,

Glenn F.

Friendly & Wonderful

“Everyone at Sherwood Dental Care is so friendly and wonderful!”

Scott J.

Exceeded High Expectations

“Very thorough, nicely conversational throughout, lots of thoughtful ‘how’s it goings,’ occasional good chuckles, little to no discomfort afterwards. Much exceeded already high expectations from previous visits to Sherwood Dental. Peggy was my totally top-notch care provider this time. Thoughtfully called later in the evening to check on progress, which was a very nice exclamation point to my overall experience!”

Glenn F.
Susan Lawson
Sharon Vineze
Mona Norris
John Cassidy

Janice Corr

Donna Caruso